Lighting and light effects create a memorable and fun event. Our lighting rental and free consultations will help to create a unique atmosphere of the event. Contact the “RMI Music Service” team if you have questions about the general lighting of the event or need help finding scenographic solutions.

Our specialists will take into account all your wishes and expectations and create personalized aesthetic and tasteful lighting for your event. They will also provide lighting visualizations – you will always know what you are buying and, if necessary, we will quickly look for a new solution. We perform work well and do it on time, quickly and at one of the lowest prices on the market.

Light everywhere

The lighting rental offered by RMI can be adapted to any environment – we always make sure that the lighting of an event taking place both indoors and outdoors is unique. With the right equipment and the specific knowledge we have, even an abandoned warehouse or bunker can have an atmosphere uncharacteristic of such a place.

We provide services for both small and large events. If you need help to visually change the overall view of the hall or create a certain type of environment, feel free to contact us. We help the organizers of cities and towns festivals, private and personal celebrations, live TV broadcasts and performances by performers with lighting issues.

For many years, our consultations and lighting rental has been helping event organizers, private companies and public institutions. Lighting is useful not only during events, but also to adorn a building or environment with light visualizations.

Assistance in preparing performances

The right light and the atmosphere it creates are an integral part of performances and concerts. The team works with many famous Lithuanian performers, so we fully understand what exactly the performers want and what they need for their performance to be effective.

We will consult with the performers participating in your event and find out their expectations. We will fulfil every wish and technical requirement of the performer and try to make their performance impressive.

Lighting rental

In order to ensure the quality of your lighting, we will offer only the best equipment to those who rent equipment. We offer:

  • lighting controllers and other means for controlling lights;
  • light suspension equipment;
  • LED floodlight;
  • moving lights;
  • effective floodlight;
  • different bulbs.

For those who choose the equipment, we also recommend the most suitable uses: depending on the occasions, we recommend the optimal equipment and light sources.

Do you want your event to surprise every participant and guest? Contact us – we will advise you, help you choose and take care of even the smallest details.

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Lighting console
AVOLITE Pearl  2010;   2004;
SGM “Studio 24 Scan control”

Pentastar LED
Color ado 1  LED

Antari Z-3000II,
Antari fazer X-310
Superstrobe (3500w)
Antari S-100II Snow machi.

Follow projectors
PAR56, PAR36
ARRI 650 w
ARRI 1000 w
ARRI 2000 w
2 Unit Blinder
4 Unit Blinder
8 Unit Blinder
Follow Spot (1200w)
Follow Spot ROBERT JULIAT Cyrano 2500

AMC 1210, Eurolite DPX-610

Mooving heads
Martin MAC 700 Profile
Martin MAC 700 wash
Martin MAC 2000 Wash
Martin MAC 2000 Spot profile
Martin MA 600
Martin MAC 250+ Spot profile
Varilite 2202 spot
Varilite 2500 spot
Varilite 2416 wash
Varilite 3000 spot
Varilite 3000 wash
Varilite 3500 wash
Futurelight PHS-710 (710w)
Futurelight PHW-710 (710w),GENI SHIVA-300r