Foto / Video

Foto / Video

Creation of visualizations, filming and other services

Are you organizing an event and want to make it memorable and exclusive? The “RMI” team takes care of creative, original, modern visualizations, as well as filming services. This is a great choice if you want a special scenography for your event. Specialists will ensure that the people participating in your event will see the action of the stage even from a very far distance, and the visualizations displayed on the screens will leave a lasting impression.


What can we do for you?

We design and install screens that meet your expectations, as well as provide free consultations on various issues related to screens, video presentation and filming itself. We help to install screens both indoors and outdoors, where we make sure that the image is visible in all weather conditions.

You can ask us any questions about visualization and filming. More about our services:

  • Creation of visualizations. We prepare or create special, short videos;
  • LED and projection screens. We can adapt the equipment to different needs and ideas;
  • 4k TV resolution. We take care of the offer of exclusive resolution screens – in order to ensure the perfect image quality;
  • Filming services. We take photos, film and provide professional video editing and graphics services. We have professional and simpler drones;
  • Installation of equipment. We install platforms and towers for filming and photography.


LED screens can be used both to display your desired visualizations that correspond to the theme of the event, and to broadcast the image to the audience. We will recommend sizes, select the screens that best suit the resolution and take care of all the necessary technical implementation when installing stages.


Assistance for both companies and individuals

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – we work with events of various scales. Our services can be used by anyone who needs high-quality video presentation for the participants of the celebration or just needs advice on choosing the position of the screen or the size of the stage.


Filming services, consultations and the creation of impactful visualizations offered by “RMI” are works that have earned people’s trust. Our specialists are repeatedly chosen not only by companies and individuals who want to organize small, private celebrations, but also by various event organizers who might need our help with city celebrations or annual mass events.

Equipment –  for different needs

In order to ensure the highest image quality in your event, and to avoid unexpected problems during the event, our specialists will choose reliable, high-resolution screens. We guarantee the professionalism of our employees during both consultations and the process of screen installation and filming.

We offer high-resolution LED screens of different sizes. They are perfect for both small stages and large concerts. You can also select more than one screen to broadcast both the stage itself and the visualizations you want.

Filming services will help to capture the event, and the creation of visualizations – to prepare an exceptional scenography. We are ready for any challenge – contact us, discuss your needs and arrange an event that you will really want to repeat.

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